My Little Van


I imported my van from Japan. It is a Honda Acty and is unlike anything I had seen before. 

I knew I wanted to get a vehicle that stood out, so after some research, I stumbled across the Acty. It was perfect. Small and dinky that it had that "cute" look about it, but also practical and I could see it working as my "Florist Shop On Wheels". I went to view a couple of vehicles and knew instantly that this was the one. 

Some "highlights" of the van are it has two seats, perfect for me, myself and I. It was installed with a brand new stereo once it arrived in the UK, but it still has Japanese buttons inside the cab, one translates as "work light" which is a switch for the little light over looking the pick up bed. It has a teeny tiny 660cc litre engine, not too dissimilar to a motorbike engine, which is located underneath the pick up bed, rather than under the bonnet like most other cars/vans. Each quirk of this van is what made me fall in love with it.

I'm going to be travelling all over Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire aiming to deliver fresh flowers to as many people as I can reach. If you want me to pop up near you, please use my contact form and let me know!!